Episode 12

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11th Sep 2023

Episode 12 | Toilet Genie

Welcome to the fifth episode of the second season of the sci-fi, comedy audio drama: Squad Car 22. In this episode the Mormon version of Steins and Holloway fly to the great Salt Lake City. Will their flight be uneventful? Probably not. Starring Sebastian Steins, Nathan Feuerberg, Martin James Grapengeter, and David Dykes.

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Squad Car 22
A Sci-Fi Episodic Buddy Comedy
Back in the 90s two police officers were promoted from bicycle cops to real ones. With the help of their trusty tape recorder they started chronicling their time protecting and serving America.

Ride along with Officer Steins and Holloway as they save the world from a Mad Scientist, a Squid-Pig, a Talking Campari Bottle, and Jewish Space Lasers.

Squad Car 22 is a serialized, sci-fi, audio comedy. Listen to the first season of seven episodes on your favorite podcast platform.
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Deep Drag is a group of actors, writers, sound designers, artists, and film makers. We create content intended to promote conscious discussion and share stories that connect us and restores community.

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Back in 2015 my friend Alzenira Quezada and I began telling each other stories about our lives. I started wondering what it would have been like if we had known each other twenty years ago. Over the next nine months, I took our stories and typed them out as a six hour script. From 2016 to 2020 we recorded the series, Flies in the Jar.

We enjoyed making Flies so much that we created two more audio dramas: Squad Car 22 and Chartreuse's Epic Rap Battle.

Deep Drag Audio Dramas is what happens when two friends stop telling bar stories and start creating art together.